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 the unreal is more powerful than the real…

it’s only intangible ideas , concepts, beliefs, fantasies that last.

stone crumbles. wood rots. people, well they die.

but things as fragile as a thought , a dream, a legend , they can go on and on.

if you can change the way people think. the way they see themselves.

the way they see the world. you can change the way people live their lives. thats the only lasting thing you can create. ‘’-

Chuck Palahniuk



''all of the sudden what remains hidden in the store rooms seems far more interesting than that what we are served with on display.''

i can't get away from these secret drawers, cupboards and  mysterious machines.




the store rooms, plan drawers and shelves,

cds, hard drives and internet clouds

of every architect’s studios contain speculative proposals, thoughts and ideas that due to one or the other reason will remain unrealised. 

destined to gather dust and fade from memory. 

destined to wait for the new beginning or the end.

together these projects form  an alternative, invisible city, an archive of ideas and ambitions that never materialised.





''when you stop in that particular moment on time

 there is no need to talk no more,

you communicating visually

and the work just goes on

in silence.

placing pieces one by one like jigsaw parts, just that final image is not known yet.

and when you stop?

thats the important bit.

when you think it's beautiful ''






''aesthetics of failure, beauty of error, uncertainty and doubt''






'''architecture is about endless dreams about the future. about the structures that are impossible to build or structures that are ideologically unacceptable.

Those dreams embrace not only construction but also lifestyle transformations.

Therefore, it leaves architects as the most active utopians - thinkers of the perfect society.''





We are spending our evenings talking and constructing back this invisible city . piece by piece. guided by unbuilt ambitions.





book- not the artefact but the accelerator




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