Fairy Tales 2015.

Architectural Storytelling Competition

The Fairy Tales competition invites architects, designers, writers, artists, engineers, illustrators, students and creatives to submit their own unique architectural fairy tales. The scale, location, and program of the submission is up to each entrant. A successful entry crafts a text narrative, along with 5 images, in the most spectacular way possible.

‘Think of the world that does not exists’

(written and illustrated by Paulina Naruseviciute. )


In a land not far away there was a city called

‘Nothing never stops’.

In a city where nothing never stopped

one was made to feel that to be a part of the society

one must be like other.

The city was governed by its mayor Mr Comfort

who made his citizens feel very comfortable.


for one reason or another

in the city architects found themselves designing buildings,

Musicians playing music

Painters painting paintings

they don’t like.

But after all it was their job.

And after all majority agreed:

these are the buildings which don’t bother,

music they might not like, but it sticks in the mind,

Paintings that are pretty enough to buy.

Not to forget, in a land ‘Nothing never stops’

It was everyone’s business to mind their own business,

and it is everyone’s responsibility to make things happen as fast as possible.

Besides that, prime minister was Miss Routine.

She was boring, but trustworthy.

She liked to organise the spaces in the city’s architectural life

In order to coordinate citizens working, private and leisure time.

Consequently, things in town were of little value

and were not meant to last for long.

There were too many shops, museums or art galleries,

as well as types of tomatoes or potatoes.

Although, too little of memory, accidence and adventure.

‘’`Did people forget how to dream?’’- asked herself a little girl.

She was not a princess,

but at the age of six she also read fairy tales before the sleep.

At night she observed the light

and fantasised about the life behind the windows.

At the age of 12 she still could not understand why

one adult thinks he’s different from a child.

Was it because he had a beard?

But one difference was clear-

she still wanted to play, create, make friends and enjoy

and adults often didn’t want anything

but to be sad.

Besides of doing things they don‘t like

Grown-ups also forgot how exciting the city is.

They even forgot how to go for a walk

without no particular reason.

“Why they don’t want to play, create, make friends and enjoy the walk? “

She knew that in a town of rush

one most likely ran out of time

and the other has seen the city hundred or thousand times already.

However, she went for a dangerous and meaningless walk down town

during which she met 5 lonely wise men in a shape of adult .




One was a philosopher

who liked to think of questions and look for answers

in a very different things

which seemed not to go together,

but they did explain each other

for one or other reason.

`he told a little girl

that people are sad

because they do not ask questions anymore

and if they do they look for true and very logical answers.

`but for some particular questions

there could be one or two

thousands answers.

You can always discover and re-discover

even if you walk the same path.




The other man liked to take care of trees

and bees.

He told that people are sad

because they forgot to look for inspiration.

or when they do

they look for it at all wrong places,

forgetting their own illusions

their childish dreams.

they do not build beauty which lasts,

which is infinitive.

“Think of it.

You can see it, touch it, feel it.”

It is always so close.

“ I wonder if bees know how lucky they are working in a flower fields”

– smiled the little girl and walked away.




Now she found herself talking to a guy who was a musician.

Well, at least she thought so

because he liked sounds

of silence.

he asked her to walk around city, listen and


what does the sound is trying to tell her.

What is the soundtrack of the landscape?




the fourth was just a simple man.

no, he was not an artist he’s often confused with.

he just liked to play

so some grown-ups called him ‘artist’.

he had a big piece of glass, flowers, poems, pictures, feathers..

(these things you find in your storage)

he was sticking them together

in a collage but not on paper.. in a ground.

it’s a game called ‘the secret’

you burry your collage, cover it with glass and next day try to find it.

or someone else finds it.

you do it just for the reason

to be excited when you discover it.

‘’always look for a secret’’,- he said.

some secrets are hard to find ,

but it is somewhere here.

if you can’t find it.

think of one.




the last she met was someone who liked to create storeys.

his formal name was cinematographer.

for him

memory, light and shadow, dynamics and sound

seemed three dimensional.

he told her

that walls can be built out of sound.

“you don’t see them but you can feel them”

and that is the beginning of growing a space.

than he gave the girl

a magic kaleidoscope.


you put your questions,

things which inspire,

intangible things you admire,

and than you look through it

at the city which never stops.


“you can never predict what you will see.”

“play it”,-he said.

“than you will find yourself

thinking of the world which does not exists


the world which exist but it is not visible.


for one reason or another

people in the town tend not to notice them.

unleash it.

but be sensitive, always leave a space for a secret.

than you will make people walk in a city and start dreaming again. “