Mobile green and art spaces creation in vacant or under-utilised Glasgow land to enliven communities.


‘Stalled Spaces’ is a city-wide project initiated by Glasgow City Council in October 2010. The initiative delivers an innovative approach to dealing with issues relating to poor environmental conditions that have become more prevalent due to the economic downturn. Glasgow also has more vacant sites than the rest of Scotland put together.

The initiative focuses on the temporary use of vacant or under-utilised land to deliver a range of projects enabling physical renewal and fostering community empowerment throughout Glasgow. By working with local communities and other stakeholders, temporary uses are developed to reanimate open spaces. The initiative makes practical use of ‘paused’ developments and unused sites, contributing to the quality of life for the local community and addressing many wider objectives.

The Stalled Space Initiative recognises the opportunity to address the issue of neighbourhood blight and stalled development sites through community led placemaking. By enhancing urban green and open spaces through temporary physical renewal and placemaking, it has helped communities to feel empowered and engaged with local planning issues.

Projects supported by Stalled Spaces have delivered a range of initiatives that promote design, sport, health and wellbeing.

The MOBILELAND(c) design, incorporated the majority of these uses and will be a unique addition to the distinctive urban landscape of inner city Glasgow.

The creative and imaginative use of timber pallet boards and beer crates to form spaces, shapes and structures is something that has never been seen before in Scotland. The design will allow participants to re-animate previously vacant and underused land whilst learning new skills and endorsing civic stewardship.

The unique collection within the MOBILELAND Toolbox creates flexibility in design and layout that can be used on a number of sites. The walls created in ‘El Huerto Rockero’ can lend themselves well to being sited adjacent to strong architectural structures such as the Alexander “Greek” Thomson designed church at Cathcart Road. The hen house design in ‘El Gallinero’ is suitable for sites within residential areas. Seating and benches will be useful for when large footfall is expected at these sites, this is likely to occur as two of the chosen sites are located en route to the XX Commonwealth Games Glasgow 2014 venue sites.


Presented as part of the Architecture and Design Scotland Pecha Kucha event on 11/09/14 produced by Taktal at The Whisky Bond.