intro: in/tangible architecture


i took a year away from what i thought i knew. 

i concentrated on what i want to say to myself:

'what am i doing to get out of where i am. '


i took 25 flights this year to various countries, cities and people. 

explored new geographies and tame new places. 

In the meantime, in my mind  i revised places i’ve been,

places i lived.

i visited the persons i used to be and already lost contact with. 

i traveled back to my childhood and started finding coincidences ( or maybe not) what fascinated me back than, fascinates me now. 


brief glimpses of my grandparents house in a countryside of Lithuania; 

small feet touching the ground , small fingers brushing through animals fur and skin, sheeps, horses, pigs and cows, deep smell of dahlias, mud, my first treehouse or more truly under-the-tree house, get hurt and stung and overheating in the sun.  

exploring nature, life creatures and danger.

constructing my dream world and endlessly  fantasizing .


flashbacks from my fathers model making studio. Digging into the pile of scrap papers, metals and plastics. 

there was a room where you could spill paints wherever you want to. be messy as much as you want to.  do whatever you want to do.. 

being in doubt what i want to do. 

we used to go to the fields picking  special plants that would resemble trees.

By making trees i learned the scale. 

by drawing, my hand learned to listen to my eyes.


while sometimes sleeping at the airports i deliberately thought of the place called ‘home’, because the strongest feeling i have from the airport is me moving out of the country when i was 19.

i was stucked in Riga airport for 18 hours. being enormously sad and excited, stepping out of my childhood to independent life,

but still stucked in between.

airports are places flooded with peoples feelings. 

goodbyes and farewells, waiting , frustration,  joy of traveling and excitement of new places and people you are about to meet. 


Plane takes off. 

since the moment you arrive to the airport you are in the space in between: neither there or there. 

‘’you are leaving one space and arrive to the other’’.

 physically and emotionally. 


the building with unlimited volume.

This blog is based on a thought that architecture is the most tangible form of 'intangible'

same as human:

"Ninety-nine percent of who you are is invisible and untouchable.’- Buckminster Fuller

Paulina Naruseviciute