University of Strathclyde , BSC Architecture, Year 4

River Kelvin draws the bright and defines the piece of parkland around Kelvinbridge area in the West of Glasgow.Historically the best Glasgow cotton mill was built on site . Later the land was carved by railway lines . However, now the land stands empty struggling to get its identity as being close proximity but separated from Kelvingrove park .

The brief  is to design the bath house which would bring water closer to communities.

As the environment and location of the building is very sensitive,  the environmental impact was carefully  considered when designing 10000m2 building sitting in the edge of the park. 

The theme of water was brought into the landscape:

-the waterfront opened to the people



-'bad weather pool' created to collect and also expose rainwater

-community garden proposed nearby which would also integrate the collected rainwater.

-car park as underground water storage.

Facade and interior materials were also picked to reflect water theme. Moreover, to expose effect of water to materials. Metals corrode in a beautiful way and concrete forms the textures of leaking water. The rain pipes were designed to deliver water over the concrete wall.

The building itself is separated into two parts wet and dry areas. Small swimming pools with saunas located underground and large pool is on aground floor with a view to the river Kelvin. From the large swimming pool there is an access to the sauna from which you can enter the roof terrace.  In dry area there is a reception, changing rooms, cafe and gym. 



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